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New Student Registration Information

New students enrollment Year-1 until Year-12 SCC school now is open.

Admission Procedure:
1. The candidate is suggested to attend a trial first so the candidate would taste the school atmosphere before entering SCC. The trial is free of charge, during the trial, the candidate will follow learning process from 7.45 am to 12.00 am (or 16.30 for Year-8-12). The candidate is allowed to attend the school until 2.00 pm, but need to inform the administration staff and permission is required from the teachers. Please contact:
Encik Ana or Ceuceu Santi at 0251 8329779 or 0811971555 (SD, Year-1 to Year-6) for the trial procedure and confirmation.
Mbak Annisya or Mpok Laila at 0251 7554796 or 08111818234 (SMP/SMA, Year-7 to Year-12) for the trial procedure and confirmation.

2. Complete the registration form given by SCC administration. The registration fee is Rp.500.000 (five hundred thousand rupiah) which includes payment for observation.

3. The observation may be held to assess the candidate readiness entering the school and attend learning process. The observation is also intended to get the candidate profile. The school will make the observation arrangement and the parents will be informed.

4. For further information click this link for SD or for SMP-SMA, thank you.

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