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Welcome to Sekolah Cipta Cendikia Website. We hope you enjoy exploring our website!

SCC’s website is the window to our school. Take some time to explore the different sections to learn about the huge range of opportunities and experiences on offer at Sekolah Cipta Cendikia. Discover our hard-working, dedicated team, who are continually striving to provide a rich and exciting curriculum to excite and motivate our pupils; the vast range of extra-curricular activities offered and the many achievements and awards that our pupils have attained.

Our website is an important resource for its pupils, parents, staff and governors and it is continually updated with what has been happening and what is beyond. Prospective and exisiting parents will find a wealth of useful information including policies, newsletters, uniform information and term dates and pupils can use the website to complete homework or practice their skills.

We are keen to ensure that our website contains as much information as possible, so if you have any comments or suggestions for improvement, they are always most welcome and will be considered carefully.

We hope you enjoy using our website and that you’ll be a regular visitor!

Mr. Roy


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